e-Clubhouse Setup

If you're looking for a free and easy way to create a website for your Lions Club, the e-Clubhouse is for you!

Clubhouse Logo LionNet provides this resource to help Lions Clubs around the world build a useful, professional looking website. Designed with fill-in-the blank fields for even the least internet savvy, the e-Clubhouse allows you to:
  • Build and maintain a website for your club using a simple set of tools.
  • Keep your members - and community - up-to-date about the projects the club is working on.
  • Promote your club's activities and recruit new members.

You can choose between two predesigned Website templates that incorporate the Lions Clubs International brand. Both templates include links to information on the Lions Clubs International Website, including the Lions News Network, Lions Learning Center and more.

Youtube Training Tutorials

Getting started, editing the first time
Update Meeting Time & Location
Add YouTube Video to Website
Add a photo to any page
Add to Photo Gallery
Add Calendar Event
Add Table
Add e-mail link to page
Add link & PDF Download to any page
Insert Anchors & Links
Insert/Delete Row in Table
Create Google Forms
Members Only Section Setup
Delete page contents, insert an Announcement

First, you might want to review the User Guide, Frequently Asked Questions and watch the "Getting Started, editing the first time" tutorial. To edit, click Signin and enter your username and password they sent you. If you have edited before, watching the "Getting Started, editing the first time" tutorial will help refresh your memory.

Major areas of importance are:

  1. The club contact information should at a minimum what is in the State Directory.
  2. Meeting location, date and time are correct.
  3. Update your front page with something that will draw peoples interest and maybe make them want to join your club.
  4. We added a "Links" page so that we could link back to our own Facebook page, the 6c e-District website, the State website and any other Lion International websites. We also added Colorado Lions Organizations such as Kidsight, Colorado Lions Foundation, Eye Institute and any local links that may be useful. Website Links is an example of what is on Golden's e-Clubhouse website. You may add 5 pages in addition to the original 5 pages already setup. It may be anything you think is important.
  5. You may add 10 pictures to your photo gallery. How to add photo is one of the tutorials.