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The Golden Lions Club meets on the first and third Thursdays of every month at 6:30PM at the Buffalo Rose Saloon.

Win a 2016 Harley-Davidson Road King

The Golden Lions Club is holding its 6th Harley Davidson Road King Motorcycle Raffle during 2016. The Harley-Davidson Road King is on display at the Buffalo Rose Saloon, 1119 Washington Ave., Golden CO. Tickets are available and the drawing will be held at 8PM October 29, 2016 at the Buffalo Rose Saloon in Golden Colorado. Tickets are
$100 each - only 300 tickets being sold.

The Golden Lions Club will pay the sales tax for the winner. You need not be present to win.

To purchase a ticket:
Email: GoldenLionsClubHarley@yahoo.com,
Call Ed Dorsey 303-829-5195 or
Contact any Golden Lions Club member.

State Raffle License #2016-10109 Golden Lions Raffle website

Golden Lions Present Scholarships to Three Golden High School Seniors

The Golden Lions Club presented $2000 scholarships to three Golden High School seniors who were selected from over 20 candidates submitted by administrators and teachers. Rebekah Anderson will attend Montana State University and study environmental science, Dylan Johnson will attend University of Utah and was at the school participating in the national debate competition, Lindsey Thorsheim will attend the University of Colorado and is enrolled in the Leeds School of Business.

Picture (Left to right) are Lion Peter Keppler, Rebekah Anderson, Lindsey Thorsheim, Lion Ed Dorsey, Dylan Johnson, Lion Mike Klis.

Golden Post Office Food Drive

The Golden Lions Club, along with the Young Professionals from the Golden Chamber of Commerce, sort and transport food collected by the Golden Post Office to the Christian Action Guild in Golden. Over 19,000 lbs was processed.

Foothills Art Center Cleanup

The Golden Lions Club participated in the spring cleanup of the grounds of the Foothills Art Center. Trees were trimmed, ground up into mulch and redistributed amongst shrubs and flowers. Also helping were staff and volunteers of the Foothills Art Center and Colorado School of Mines students.

Free Homemade Chili Supper

The Golden Lions Club Annual Chili Supper fund raising event took place Saturday January 23rd, 2016. The event this year was significantly different than the past 40 years.This year we had free chili and craft beer was available for purchase at $5 per glass from the three most popular brew pubs in Golden: Barrels and Bottles, Golden City Brewery and Mountain Toad.

Family Tree Project

The Golden Lions Club, along with 39 volunteers from Anthem, provided community service to the Family Tree Organization by removing unwanted furniture and equipment, relocating various other items to the Family Tree Thrift Store and cleaning a three story building to be repurposed as a possible homeless shelter. The anthem employees and family members made great contirbutions and provided very positive feedback to a successful Lions/Anthem day of service event. For the Lions, this was one of many projects in which we have performed a service project for the Family Tree Organization including building two outdoor children's playground sets, replacing a fence, replacing flooring and constructing shelving in the Thrift Store.

Volunteers for 9 Health Care Fair

Golden Lions support another 9 Health Fair in Golden. Eight Lions turned out to assist the Oct 17, 9HealthFair held at Bell Middle school in Golden. Over 200 participants benefited from the testing and services of the health fair.

Golden Lions Club Celebrates Ten Years Supporting the KidSight Program

The Golden Lions Club has been providing KidSight screening to northern Jefferson County schools, parts of St. Vrain school system, the Head Start Program and selected Denver public schools for the past ten years. In 2006, 148 kids were scanned; in 2014 the Golden Lions screened 2985 and have set a goal to increase that number by 20% in 2015.

KidSight Colorado provides free vision screening for children six months through six years. Lions Club volunteers throughout Colorado conduct vision screening sessions at preschools, kindergartens and other early childhood centers. Undetected vision problems, if left untreated can lead to Amblyopia (lazy eye), which is the leading cause of vision loss in children. The current goal for KidSight Colorado is to screen 40,000 kids yearly, which represents more than 50% of the children born each year in Colorado. The Colorado Lions KidSight Program screened 43,189 children in Colorado in 2014. That is a 14 percent increase over last year's screenings. 5,048 children were referred for a complete eye exam due to detection of a vision problem.

The Golden Lions KidSight volunteers are now using a new PlusOptix camera. The process is as simple as taking a child's picture. The camera allows performance of the scan of both eyes at the same time and is done from three feet away. This allows quicker scanning and because both eyes are measured at the same time the camera is able to pick up additional vision problems that scanning one eye at a time was not able to do. The new camera is able to detect signs of the following possible problems

  • Myopia (Nearsightedness)
  • Hyperopia (Farsightedness)
  • Astigmatism
  • Strabismus - Strabismus is when the eyes are not directed to an object simultaneously.
  • Anisometropia - This is a condition in which the two eyes have unequal refractive power. If there is a large difference in clarity between the two eyes, the brain will often suppress the vision of the blurrier eye in a condition called Amblyopia, or lazy eye.
  • Anisocoria (Unequal Pupil Size) - Unequal pupil sizes of more than 1.5 mm may be a sign of an eye, brain, blood vessel, or nerve problem.
All results from referral scans are returned through the schools to the parents to allow follow-up with vision professionals. The Golden Lions club has programs to help any parent needing financial assistance either with the exam or with needed glasses.

During Sept alone, the Golden Lions visited 16 schools with 155 volunteer hours, scanned 1242 kids and referred 78 children for further review. The program will continue through December and into January if needed.

Community Rehabilitation Project

The Golden Lions Club participated in the 2013 Community Rehabilitation Project with over 220 citizens of Golden. Golden Lions Robert Williams, Ed Dorsey, Roger Wagstaff, Ken Park, Kevin O'Connor, George Arrambide, Elwood Henry, John Spice and Bill Eckhardt built new steps and constructed a new shed as their project. This is the second year the Golden Lions have participated in the community event.

Golden Lions awarded KidSight Club of the Year for 2014-2015

At the Colorado Lions convention in Aspen the Golden Lions Club received the KidSight Club of the Year for 2014-2015 award for outstanding service to the KidSight program. The club received special acknowledgement for the extra effort it put forward to scan over 500 kids in the St. Vrain Valley school district. St Vrain Valley school district made a last minute decision to become part of the program but local clubs were not able to provide the screening needed. The Golden Lions stepped in and volunteered to travel the 50 miles to the district on three different occasions and screened over 500 children. This effort was in addition to the over two thousand kids that were screened in the local community.

Lion Ed Dorsey received the award on behalf of Golden Lions Kidsight Chairman Robert Storrs and the rest of the Kidsight Committee.

Volunteers for 9 Health Care Fair

The Golden Lions Club again volunteered as cashiers with the 9 Health Care Fair at three locations in the West metro area.

Golden Lions Build Bus Stop Shelter

The Golden Lions Club constructed a Bus Stop Shelter at the Lewis Court Senior Apartments. 2200 Jackson St bus stop. The shelter was purchased with funds provided by the Golden Lions Club and the Golden Civic Foundation.

Assistance with the construction was provided by Steve Kurtz and the Golden "Streets Department" to lift the roof into position.

Used Eyeglasses

The Golden Lions Club's collected and transported 20,000-25,000 pairs of used eyeglasses to the Sterling Prison. The Golden Lions Club collected eyeglasses from local establishments and Lions Clubs throughout Colorado. The Sterling Prison refurbishes the glasses, determines the optics and packages them for distribution to organizations such as "Doctors Without Borders", which provide them to anyone needing them around the world.

Candlelight Walk Cider

The Golden Lions Club's provided seventy gallons of hot cider during the Christmas Candlelight Walk festivities in Golden. The Lions have provided the hot cider since the inception of the Candlelight Walk. Click Here to view a short film,taken by Golden Lion Jim Smith, of the year's festivities .

Family Tree Fence Project

The Golden Lions Club's recent service project was to power wash and stain the Family Tree "Karlis Center" fence, which they built a number of years ago. The Family Tree Organization is one of the many organizations supported by the Golden Lions Club.

Golden Lions Club Awards High School Scholarships

The Golden Lions Club recently awarded three $1,500 scholarships to graduates of Golden High School. The scholarships are awarded in memory of Tom Plummer, past Lions President and community leader who graduated from Golden High School, and former members Bill Pazar and Stewart Reinhard. The winners this year were Desiree Schneider, who plans to attend Metropolitan State University, Anne Progar, who will be attending University of San Diego this fall, and Gage Jones, who is going to the Colorado School of Mines. Presentations were made at the Golden High Senior Awards night on May 21, 2014 by Golden Lions President Chris Quoyeser and Scholarship Committee Chair Bob Branch. The three students are pictured along with President Quoyeser at the June 5, 2012 Lions meeting, where each student introduced their parents and gave a short talk about their achievements and goals.

The Golden Lions Club has been serving the community since 1943. The Club is well known for its Chili Supper in January and the 4th of July Community Festival. Vision programs are high on the list of service projects and include eyeglass recycling, financial assistance for eye surgeries and eyeglasses and eye screening of preschoolers and kindergarteners. The Lions have also constructed many amenities around the City, including the public restrooms in front of Meyer's Hardware and gazebos in several City parks.

Golden Lions Club
PO Box 192
Golden, CO 80402

President: Tim Pasquarelli
720-635-8296  email

The Golden Lions Club was chartered with Lions International in December 1942. We serve the Golden Colorado community and surrounding communities.

Our activities and support include:

  • Currently provide (3) $2000 scholarships to Golden High School.
  • 9Health Fair - Working multiple locations.
  • Constructing gazebos, dugouts, park shelters and other recreational facilities throughtout the community.
  • Kidsight - Eye testing over 3000 preschool kids annually.
  • Backpack Program - Provides backpacks full food for on weekends for children in need.
  • Family Tree - Provides innovative, life-changing services designed to end child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.
  • Rocky Mtn Lions Eye bank - Provides nearly 2,000 sight-restorative cornea transplants each year.
  • Rocky Mtn Lions Eye Institute - Provides skilled services for those seeking care for eye diseases.
  • Annual chili supper.
  • Annual Food Drive with the Golden Post Office.
  • Oganizing the 4th of July Festival with live music, free rides for kids, refreshments and concluding the day with a fireworks display.

These are just a few of the activities and organizations the Golden Lions Club support.

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4th of July Festival

Golden Lions Park

As they have for over 40 years, the Golden Lions are again organizing and hosting the 4th of July community celebration in Lions Park as a way of giving back to their community. Activities start at noon and end in the evening with a large fireworks display. The event is designed to be a day for friends, neighbors and families to get together at the beautiful park on 10th Street to picnic or purchase food and drink, enjoy music throughout the day, and let the kids enjoy the free rides and face painting provided by the Golden Lions Club. Bands scheduled for this year include:

Click here for more information.

NEW THIS YEAR: The Golden Lions Club will be serving Sangria and wine from local winery Bonacquisti Wines, Denver's Urban Winery made in Sunnyside since 2006.